YouTube blocks internet grandad for inappropriate content!

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YouTube blocks internet grandad for inappropriate content!

Peter Oakley aged 83 from Leicester UK; known as the internet grandad and YouTube as vlogger geriatric1927 was invited to a Google hosted event regarding the Sus-IT project which is funded by the New Dynamics of Ageing. He created a video regarding the visit and it was banned by YouTube, deeming it to have inappropriate content.

The internet grandad Peter has been a youtuber for exactly 5 years on the 5th of August; when his first video went live entitled First Try.  This video has now had almost 3 million views.  Peter found sudden fame, when media got hold of the story and he hit the headlines immediately. Peter now has 55.000 subscribers on his autobiograpical vlog for which he currently ranks as the 52nd most subscribed all time in the United Kingdom!   He also has now had almost 10 million views on his channel. I assume this wasn’t much of a nice surprise for our Peter, to suddenly have one of his videos, that are loved by thousands, sullied with such a comment, bad YouTube!

How Peter got involved in YouTube

After his wife died he decided to buy himself a computer and soon found that he could make videos, using windows movie maker, and when he came across YouTube one day, he did it because he could.  Things just grew from there and it became Peters aim to help get older people onto the internet; the project asked Peter to deliver a speech for which, incidentally geriatric1927 got a standing ovation.

Peter explains about the Sus-IT Project

The project Is named Sus – IT and it’s aims are to develop software that can be accessed by the user which will monitor the actions taken by the user when operating their computer. From this data the software will recognise difficulties that the user is experiencing and automatically bring up solutions in an easy and pictorial way to give help in the form of tasks and instruction

Peter has his own website on for a while but I think this has spurred him on to use it more, he has put the video that had “inappropriate content” on his website and as you can see there is no such content.  I think we should all visit bookmark and Rss this site.

See this inappropriate content for yourself –

Let us support geriatric1927 on his new website and for this great project!

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