Your desktop version of Skype is being retired

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Your desktop version of Skype is being retiredIs your desktop version of Skype is being retired?!  People are getting emails saying that Skype are retiring their version of Skype and they are concerned that these emails might be a phishing email, scam or virus email.  Its good that people are concerned, you should never click links that ask for your passwords or to download, without checking first.

Skype Email – Your desktop version of Skype is being retired

The email reads like this

We are now retiring older versions of Skype and it appears that you’re currently using one of these. To continue signing into Skype on your desktop you’ll need to download to the latest version. The new version comes with improved performance and the latest features and security updates, so you’ll get the best possible Skype experience

Is this a scam email from Skype?

Skype have been saying for a long time that this will happen, and last month on their own blog they said that Skype are focusing on bringing us the latest most up to date versions of Skype and to make sure we are all using them, they are retiring older versions of Skype for Windows Desktop 6.13 and Skype for Mac 6.14 and all previous versions.  Skype mobile users are now also getting these letters and will have to update.

I have version 6.3 on my Windows 7 PC – I don’t really use it much there so its understandable its a really old version, I maybe got it when MSN Messenger closed last March.

For some mobile users upgrading skype could be a problem, as they maybe have to upgrade their operating systems and I know of one person that doesn’t have the space to upgrade and others might have older devices where they can’t upgrade. Sound like Skype might be losing some customers over the retiring of old versions.

How can I check what version of Skype I have.

1 – Open Skype

2 – Click Help  (for Mac users click the Skype menu)

3 – Click About Skype at the bottom of the list

Here you will see what version of Skype you have

Your desktop version of Skype is being retired

I checked again on the Skype blog and the latest post which was the 16th of July does say that they are retiring all previous versions and that we should update to the latest skype version.

How do I update to the latest Skype version

When your version is retired you will be signed out of skype and you will have to download the latest version and sign in again – I would suggest not clicking on any links from any emails received though just in case – it seems this is a real email and not a scam but it won’t take long for the scammers to jump on the band wagon and start sending out fake emails. S0 download from – downloads   Or if you haven’t been signed out you can upgrade directly from Skype as there is a link saying – update now or find out more.

Your desktop version of Skype is being retired

Now I have updated I am now using version 6.18, so it seems that yes in fact its true –  Your desktop version of Skype is being retired.