mute users on twitter

You Can Now Mute Users on Twitter

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Are you fed up with the noise on Twitter but you don’t want to be nasty and unfollow your friends, well your prayers have been answered as you can now mute users on Twitter   This new feature which is being rolled out over the next few weeks will be available to anyone that uses the iPhone and Andriod apps or  This button was inevitable as people are moving away from the noise on to less busy platforms and groups, or are just unfollowing loads of people. People want to stop the noise on Twitter it seems (Whats wrong with list?)   This is a great move by Twitter but it makes me concerned at how many people will mute me. This also means that the follower number now means even less than it did before as you might have 100k followers that all have you muted

Twitter introduces the ability to mute users on Twitter

When you mute someone you won’t see any of their tweets or re-tweets in your timeline so of course you will no longer get notifications from that user either, because you have muted their tweets.  The muted user can still reply, see your tweets and retweet you. However you won’t see that in your timeline because you have them muted.  And the bit that you are all worried about – No, the user will not know that you have muted them on twitter, I can see some of you are very happy to be able to mute people on Twitter!

Muting Facebook Users

This is very similar to the option you used to have to mute people on Facebook – which was very handy but they took this one way – you used to be able to  to your friends profile, hover over where it says Friends and remove the tick on Show in Newsfeed – which enabled you to stay friends but not see all of their posts in your news feed. All you can do now is – you have to go the actual post and click I don’t like this post or hide this post, or don’t show this post – and at the bottom of a NewFeed post you will see Make NewsFeed better where you will answer some questions for Facebook to decide what you see, hmmm.   Of course both of these maybe negative features do have the opposite options, you can favorite someone on Twitter so it comes up in your alerts, and on Twitter you can get notifications of a persons tweets.

How To Mute Users On Twitter

mute users on twitter


From a tweet – click more – and mute @user


mute users on twitter



From their profile page – click the gear – and mute @user



So if you decide, its now all too quiet since you muted users on Twitter you can just unmute then, and no-one will ever know.

Which now I see a use for this, certain times when everyone is tweeting the same thing about a TV program or an event – Mute!!