Yet Another Facebook Scam – Twilight, Breaking Dawn

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I’ve not written about Facebook for … ooh – must be a couple of days: so I wanted you to know about the latest scam, I know some of my friends really like Twilight, The teenage vampire movies and books,  so could be tempted.

This appears to be rather more nasty than the other silly ones just reposting to your friends, like the latest Look at these Photos scam! Where it tags you in lots of photos.

Twilight “the game”

1) Posts that you like it, (even though you haven’t tried it)
2) Reposts to many of your friends

all because you have allowed it permission to
  • access your basic information
  • access to post to your wall
  • access to your data at any-time.
3) Then it sends you a questionnaire which looks very real.

As usual the scammers are picking on something that they know is popular and that people will be fooled into clicking, what can I say, apart from, don’t click it and tell your friends.

If you have already fallen for this or the other recent scams, see here to remove to the scam application.

Hope this helps.