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When I first met Claude Bouchard on Twitter I thought what a nice guy! He has lots of followers and always answers tweets (messages) seems to have time for anyone.  I’m not sure how we met, but I guess it was through writing, he’s a published author and I’ve written a book so am often talking about editing my work. Claude also knows how social media really works!  Then the lovely Luke Romyn was added to the mix and these guys hit it off right away and became their own little show, bouncing off each other like a rubber ball on a wall.  Luke is also published author.  
The Ellen Show
At this moment there are several campaigns to get these great writers on The Ellen Show. How it all started and rollerballed into the campaign it is today is a great story that I wanted to share with you.
It all started by accident. Claude and Luke were approached via Twitter to do a Skype video interview which they were to be emailed the details.  When Claude asked Luke on Twitter if he had received the said email, someone immediately asked Claude, “For what show?”  Claude replied jokingly, as he often does “The Ellen show”  Suddenly it all kicked off and people were pronouncing that they should be on “The Ellen show” It wasn’t long after that someone created this Facebook page –  2 Writers On Ellen.
All sorts of people are requesting that these two popular authors to appear on “The Ellen Show” There have been emails, Facebook messages, tweets galore but still nothing from @theellenshow 
There have been many stunts including when Luke and Claude put on Ellen’s hair on their twitter avatars for a while, that was really spooky I can tell you, but still nothing from Ellen.
Close your eyes if you can’t take spookiness now……. 
They have been on various radio shows including Blogtalk radio and Casey Ryan’s podcast “The Cutting Room Floor” where the conversations about their books went on to discuss The Ellen Show.

This last week there has been a petition…http://act.ly/2i7
Still nothing ……. I don’t get it, I really don’t get it.  
TheEllenShow has not responded for 4 days.
Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular.http://www.ellentv.com
I really think we should all help these guys, they have made it on their own by all their own hard work, which needs to be commended. You can sign the petition, all you have to do is tweet…
Petition @TheEllenShow to invite @LukeRomyn & @ceebee308  http://act.ly/2i7 RT to sign 
I’m from London UK, and I had to Google “The Ellen Show”  as I didn’t know what it was, its pretty famous evidently. Claude and Luke are making her show famous surely she could repay the favour.   However, I think she’d better snap up Luke and Claude  quick before she is asking them is she can be on their show!? 
Here are the names for Luke and Claude on Twitter if you want to follow.

Please help !!! thanks 😉