how to write a blog post

How to write a blog post

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Anyone can write a blog post, we all have our own styles and our own topics that we wish to share with the world – or our few readers.  However, not everyone knows how to write a blog post that people will read.  People are lazy and they can’t be bothered to read something unless it grabs them in the first few minutes.

And some blog posts just ramble on and on, with no structure, others don’t really have a point to the blog post and you can just read the struggle they had with the blog post.

Why do I need to write blog posts anyway?

Businesses always say they never have time to write blog posts.  They are actually lazy about writing blog posts.  Mostly because they don’t know what to write or how to write it – but if you have started a business its probably because you are an expert at something or know more than most people about the subject.  So it’s the best way to get people to know who you are, what you do, and to get visits to your website.  It can be a very useful form of marketing. Content marketing is a type of marketing which includes creating and sharing blog posts, updates, videos, and images.

And remember once you have created a blog post you can repurpose into many different formats.

How to write a blog post

Remember the structure that you had for the stories you wrote in English Class back in the day, well its sort of like that.  You start to learn How to write a blog post and one thing flows into another and all of a sudden its written.

First, you need to ask yourself WHY are you writing a blog post?

Why are you writing a blog post

Knowing your why is even important for blogging, you need to know your why.  Why do you even need to know how to write a blog post.  Is it to give value to the people that you want to reach, your audience? This is a great reason 🙂

Who are your audience?

To start you first need to know who you are writing for, who are your audience, why are you writing and why do they want to read it.  What value can you provide them?

What are you writing about?

If we know the audience and we know what they want, and what we can give them, we should have a topic.

What is your topic?

So if we have a topic, we now need a title.

Titles are difficult, that’s a blog post in itself – but we need something catchy short and to the point.  And maybe your long tail keyword – but definitely to include your keywords.

Think of the blog post like your little story at school: you need to have a beginning, a middle and an end, (yes, I once worked with primary school children)  its good to break it down like that but in grown-up terms, we can use…

  • Intro
  • Bulk
  • Conclusion
  • (Call to Action)

First just jot a few things down about how you can introduce what you are going to write about, then what you are writing about, and then why you wrote about it.

Structure the design

  • Once you have a few notes you can start to think about how you are going to structure the design… People love lists (I learned this almost 10 years ago from Dave Peck)
  • Headers
  • Sections
  • Tips
  • Images

Have a think about how you can use these items to your advantage. They all help to break up the bulk of text which helps to keep people reading.  Remember people get bored easily they need visual stimulation and breaks in the text.

Now you can start to fill in all in with writing… don’t worry about how many words at this stage, just write with the flow.

Once you have written the blog post and moved it all around so that it looks great.  And you have check that it can be easily read you need to proofread it.

Now you can count the words.  You should have a minimum of 300 words, but around 1500 words nowadays, is a good number.  But do not pad it out, if you have 500 words, leave it at that.

How to count your words really quickly – copy and past your blog post into word – click review and word count.

Then proofread it again and again, and again.  Something I’m pretty useless at but I know it should be done.

We also wrote a blog with 24 tips on writing a perfect blog post we some essential tips and an infographic which should also help you with some SEO tips for your blog post.