Wow! The all new Posterous Spaces

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Today I logged into my Posterous blog and look what I found…….


Posterous has launched a brand new service for the web, iPhone and Android that has completely replaced the blog service, its gone, and it now looks like the above screenshot.

Its all about secure sharing, it says on the posterousblog  – they say we should be able to share things on the internet in the same way as we do in real life.  They mention that this system is more secure and permanent than Facebook.  Similar again to Google plus circles set up regarding who you share things with but I must say they do make it sound simpler and more easily obtainable.

See the video Whats New on Posterous Spaces

Posterous say everything is still there, as you loved it before, they have just added some new features…

Posterous Space new features are 

  • Five New Themes
  • A New Reader
  • Faster Loading Times
  • New Profile Pages

What to do when you first see that Posterous Spaces Welcome screen

Click on Lets get started and it takes you then to a Find you friends’ Spaces when you click on this it searches for a few minutes and then lists all your friends on Facebook and Twitter of people you already follow on Posterous and those that you don’t, you can follow these contacts now.  And you can choose whether to have email updates for when they post.  The only trouble is you seem to have to do this manually one by one!

Along the top of the screen you will see –

Reader – The new reader 

Popular – Popular Blog Posts

Activity – showing what your friend have done.  Follwed/Commented/shared things like that. 

Spaces – This is the social network or sharing side of Posterous. 


In Spaces you can start to create your own spaces, public or private. Which so far, seems very similar to Google plus but we shall see.

I know people will say we do not need another social network as we already use (insert number) already but we just don’t know, maybe this will suit us better than the ones we do use, or maybe suit a different purpose. Besides Posterous does have some interesting new features to look at, and at first glance I can see it getting Posterous users more views on their blogs.

I get very excited about these new “social networks” so I’ll be testing it out for a while before I make my judgement.   I do think its all going to make more sense to you if you have already use Posterous and will take a little bit more setting up if you don’t.
I’ve love to know what you think. …
Hope this helps