Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

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Let it be said, I love new technology and trying out new stuff but I do not like Windows 8 and I’m glad that I only have it on my laptop – to be honest I couldn’t cope without the Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts so I wanted to share them with you.  Yes, there are apps you can download now to add a start button but once you get used to using the shortcut keys, I don’t think you will need it.

Windows 8 has introduced some great new technologies with their latest operating system, however for me in everyday use the new user interface just isn’t user friendly especially when you are using a keyboard and mouse, everything just takes too many clicks.

Essential Windows 8 Keyboard shortcuts

windows start button

Think of your windows key as your start button – it is usually located between the Ctrl and the Alt key on the bottom row of your keyboard. Sometimes however the Windows Key is in the middle of then keyboard. However, its not difficult to spot with the windows logo on it. 


So, let’s start from you using your browser and you want to search for something.

Press – Windows Key + and just start typing (the text will go directly in the search box)

Press the Windows Key + D –  to get back to your browser.

Press the Windows Key + F – If you want to search for a file.

Press the Windows Key + X – to get to to advance system options, such as Run, Task Manager or Device manager.

Press the Windows Key + E – to open My computer

Press the Windows Key + Q to open the list of Apps or Charms.

Press the Windows Key + Prt Sc and a Snap shot of your screen will be sent to your screenshot folder in Pictures.

Press the Windows Key + I – to shutdown Windows 8

Or go to the desktop and press Alt F4

 Pin most used apps or programs to task bar


Another very important trick for Windows 8 with apps is that you can pin the apps you use often to the task bar.

Right click the icon and it opens up a bar at the bottom, click pin to task bar. If you decide that you want to remove it, right click the icon on the task bar and unpin the program from taskbar.

As I use it more, I will find some other ways to make life easier, it feels a nuisance to have to do this but its just that we have been used to the start bar for 20 years, we have to just rework our brain.

If you really don’t want to use the Windows 8 Keyboard shortcuts and you really want a start button you can download free for Windows 8 – Pokki to get your start menu back – I’ve not tried but it looks pretty good.

I hope these help you, they really have made my life easier.

If you have any other good tips or tricks for Windows 8 – I would love to hear them. Please post below.