Windows 10 changed date format on Excel

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Windows 10 changed date format on ExcelHaving recently installed Windows 10 on my main PC I hadn’t had many problems.  Until I went to use some previously created Microsoft EXCEL documents. It was then I noticed that Windows 10 had completely changed the date format on Excel from English UK to American US date format.

So instead of showing dd/mm/yyyy it shows the US version mm/dd/yyyy on all of my Excel Documents.

Thankfully there is an easy solution – which is to install the “English (United Kingdom)” language pack.

It sounds crazy that we have to do that – but it saves having to alter the cells on all of our documents and its quick and easy to do.

Windows 10 changed date format on Excel

Don’t Panic

Its easy to change all of your documents back to UK date format on Excel

First go to Control Panel in Windows 10

Set the view to small icons so that you can see the folders

  • Click – Language
  • You will see English US highlighted
  • Click – English UK
  • Download and Install
  • Click – Yes
  • Go back to the Control Panel click MOVE UP on the UK version
    Windows 10 changed date format on Excel

Restart Excel and


You will also now notice that the time clock is back to 24hrs and beside the time – are the language preferences and you now have English UK

Your UK date formats are back!

See I told you there was no need to panic when Windows 10 changed date format on Excel !