Will Skorr be a replacement for Klout

Will Skorr be a Replacement for Klout?

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Klout recently informed us that they were closing down on the 25th of May. We don’t know if this has anything to do with GDPR or it just happened to be on that date.  Although for me Klout was broken for at least the last 6 months! They kept trying to help. But no matter how many times I (or my friends) told them they seemed to skirt around the answer.  However, suddenly on the horizon, like a shining star we spot Skorr Social and we wonder will Skorr be a replacement for Klout.

We had to investigate and we downloaded Skorr Social right away! On first look, it really has a great UI – Klout never had anything half as good. Yes, there are a few teething problems, nothing that that they aren’t sorting out – they are brand now folks.  How do I know they are sorting these things out?  Because we are part of a Whatsapp group of Skorr users, #Skorr70 who used to be part of Thomas Powers #klout70 group – learning how to get their own score over 70 Klout.  We are now helping Skorr with a live R&D and they have joined the group and are taking note of our suggestions and comments.  You can join too – if you want to learn all about Skorr and team up with people to learn how to best use it – but beware I am admin and no spam is allowed – Skorr70

So Who are Skorr Social

SKORR was launched on May 7th and is a free social media app to put you in control of your presence online. It will measure your influence and give you a unified vision of all your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter).

Based in Portugal – the founders are Bernardo LucasCarlos MartinsFernando VideiraJoão Brites Moita, CEO Miguel CaeiroRui PaivaTony Poulos 

It seems Skorr managed to get 1 million pounds in funding, so they aren’t a shot in the night, they mean business. And they are totally committed to make Skorr and success. Maybe their reputation will get them more investors because Klout spent a whole tonne more than that and they still couldn’t get it right.

Skorr has a lot extra in my opinion too.

Will Skorr be a Replacement for Klout

I think they will be a very worthy replacement for Klout – I am loving Skorr so much, Its so, so clever!

They have analytics – so that on each post you can see how much engagement and post reaction you get.

You get notified when you get a killer post in which the likes and comments update pretty quickly.

Will Skorr be a replacement for Klout

This is one of my killer posts on Instagram – one of my drawings. please to see that getting some attention.

Will Skorr be a replacement for Klout

And they Calculate things different to Klout. Skorr take into consideration fake followers, which is brilliant!  They have an AI bot I think called Pulse that checks how regularly you are posting and or engaging, the tone of voice and all sorts.  It’s learning about you as time goes on – brilliant right!  So exciting!  Engagement isn’t right yet, but its learning.

How you are growing your Skorr – and lots of stats on this page. 

Enough of my ramblings about it, see below what Skorr have to say……


Skorr Calculation

We asked how does Skorr work out the Skorr this is what Miguel Caeiro told us

Skorr 1 to 100 is the result of over 32 KPI’s algorithm, much richer than just Friends, followers or likes adding up. It’s achieved through a deep learning algorithm that learns the impact of all the interactions and how people react to it. Artificial intelligence is used to understand content and context.

Juicy qualitative attributes

We count with some really juicy qualitative attributes like the type of language, tone of voice, fake followers, speed and depth of your audience reactions, and many many more. Naturally, in the first days, quantitative weights more than qualitative, but as machine learning gets richer insights, it will calibrate better and better.


The app has to learn with you and your network. You can start low, but rise up with the Pulse(that continuous measures activity) that rewards you when you have strong posts and continuous pace in terms of reactions and fans. Also, at this stage, we’re counting with 7 days of interaction for the evaluation, but as we move on, we’ll incorporate up to 90 days, the legal limit.

# Much more than a number: bear in mind that the (1)Measurement part its just the first of the 3 mains pillars of the product, being (2)Monitoring and (3)Improve the remaining two. In Monitoring you’ll be able to see a lot of your aggregated KPI’s evolution over time, the detailed performance of your posts, your audience profile and double check your online personality.
While on Improve (it will come after some weeks of machine learning work) you’ll be able to set your own goals!  Automatically Skorr will tell you what, when and how to post to reach your pre-defined targets. as well as extremely powerful prevention and protection features.

Linkedin only giving access to 500 connections right now

# LinkedIn weight: we hope in a few weeks to improve the API access, but so far LinkedIn is only giving access to the first 500 connections. This is limiting the influence measurement to some of you. As soon as it’s released Skorr will automatically make the calibration.

The future sees much more

# Professional/ Multiple pages on my profile: In this first version, only personal accounts are allowed, and one per platform. Really soon Skorr will allow connecting more than one account in the same profile, as well as FB Pages.

Features include 

– Your own Skorr, your social number, the aggregation of all your social presence. By connecting your most important social networks, you will have your own personal Skorr
– You will be able to analyse your posts engagement, per post and post reaction, so you can find out what content works for your network and you can grow socially
– Challenge your friends to see who has the highest Skorr and have fun comparing your Skorr to celebrities and influencers
– Discover what are your main topics and how you can make more impact with your posts and grow your influence
– Find out in detail who are your fans, their age, gender and much more

Check out the video

So all in all the answer to – Will Skorr be a replacement for Klout?   It’s a big yes from me!  I think they could have taken on Klout if they were still here too.

Looking forward to all of the future update – I am hoping for a Chrome extension and a Web platform.

Check out Skorr on Google play or App Store