Why you can’t log in to Ubertwitter and Twidroyd

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UPDATE: at around 11pm GMT Sunday -from @UBERSOC – Great news! Twitter has approved our changes, and we expect to provide a new version in about an hour.

1.45am – Everyone waits as ubersocial informs us – just a few minutes more! 

2am – @ubersoc – Thanks for your loyalty and patience. 
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           #UberSocial (formerly #UberTwitter)
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Many people are waking up and trying to log in to UberTwitter or Twidroyd  today to find messages like “forbidden” and are thinking  they are hacked or something is wrong with their phone.

There is nothing wrong apart from the fact that Twitter suspended these Ubermedia applications for violating policies.

Its said that there are 3 Ubermedia applications suspended today but its not Echofon (which I’ve tested, its fine) as I first thought, its UberCurrent.

One of the reasons they were closed down seems to be regarding a privacy issue about allowing messages longer than 140 character (and changing the content of tweets) that sounds a bit of a worry. Ubermedia have recently acquired Tweetdeck that uses Deck.ly to allow longer tweets, so I wonder if this will be banned now too?  It does kinda defeat the object of Twitter.

Bill Gross Founder and CEO of UberMedia explains reasons here

UberTwitter has resubmitted its apps and it return under the name of UberSocial as Twitter asked Ubermedia to change this name as well as make some other small changes.

@ubersoc has tweeted this – To comply with Twitter TOS, in the new version you won’t be able to tweet more then 140 characters from a protected account, or in a DM

They also say they are waiting to hear if the changes have been accepted.

In the meantime you could use the Official Twitter application or Seesmic which I enjoy too 🙂

Hope this helps 😉