Who unfollowed you on Twitter

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Do you find yourself wondering, I wonder why I just lost some followers? Did I upset someone or was it just some bots left because I didn’t follow them back?  (NO? Then you don’t need to read this post 😉 )

This tool has been invaluable for checking just that….


First sign in with Twitter, you have to allow it, although its quite safe it doesn’t tweet anything unless you tell it to.

You then have three options – Check unfollowers – Who’s not following back – unfollower history.


At this point there is one drawback –  if you want find out who just unfollowed you, it won’t tell you as you’ve only just allowed it into your twitter, (unless you already allowed it before) but it can tell you who unfollows you in the next 15mins. So if you think you are going to use this, then sign in now before you actually need it.

As you can see above, I’ve lost two followers – on the left you see their name and on the right it either says following or unfollowing, in the blue box.   This shows that I wasn’t following them.   If I had been following them, it would light up following, and you can click that button to unfollow them.  Sometimes that part is a little buggy and if so you can click on the name and it will bring up the twitter account.

For a further check, you could then go into see your unfollower history, I get quite a lot of unfollowers because I get a lot of spammer/bots following because I talk about products, they just unfollow when you don’t follow them back.

There were however a few surprises for me on this one, you can if you like just check with the person to see if they meant to unfollow you, as I am told that twitter sometimes unfollows people for you, but I’m dubious of that one lol – maybe we click by mistake I don’t know.  I have asked people before and they have said it was a mistake, others I’ve asked and not got a response lol – I’m not that bothered, each to their own, I just don’t want to be following someone I thought was following me and a friend.  Besides, it messes up my numbers!

Love this little tool, have a look around it, there are other things you can do, its free for what I showed you but you can pay.

Hope this helps.