Who unfollowed me on Instagram

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Instagram made some changes to the desktop application today. You can click on the heart button to see who has liked and commented on your posts and you can reply right from there, which is pretty handy.  But what they still haven’t done is to add a followers button, like we have on the app.  Also, there is no way on either the phone app or the desktop platform for you to see if you are being followed reciprocally.  There are a number of ways to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram though.

Who unfollowed me on Instagram

There are a number of ways I can find out who unfollowed me on Instagram if my follower count suddenly drops.  Sadly people just follow you to get more followers and then they unfollow you so they have a larger follower to followed ratio, so I like to catch those people out and unfollow them too.  I do follow people that don’t follow me, it’s just those annoying users that are just following you to get you to follow back.  Its rather sad when you realise that they aren’t following you for your amazing images like this one 🙂

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I realised today there are people who have no idea that these tools are available, so I thought I would share them with you.  They also have a number of other features too.

The first one is Unfollowgram



As you can see you can also unfollowgram to monitor who follows and unfollows you on Twitter.  So, here which ever one you sign in with is the one that you will get your follower details on. However, we are talking about Instagram on this occasion.

The features available on this platform.

  • Who has unfollowed you on Instagram
  • Who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram
  • Who you don’t follow back
  • Follow and unfollow users on Instagram

You then just simply go through the results and follow or unfollow people as required.

The second platform I’m going to mention is Crowdfire, you may know this app as Justunfollow – which has been around for Twitter follower management for ages.  However since they’ve been Crowdfire they have made a few changes.  And one of those changes is adding Instagram.  You can also have this as a desktop platform or an app for your phone.


Here you have a few more options

Crowdfire will show you

  • Non-Followers
  • Fans
  • Recent Unfollowers
  • Recent Followers
  • Copy Followers
  • Whitelist

And again you can just follow or unfollow as required – both of these apps prevent you from unfollowing or following too many users on Instagram (and Twitter) which is actually a good thing I think, as I know Twitter doesn’t like you mass following and unfollowing people and you can get suspended.  You can, however, pay to do more on these platforms if you upgrade to paid accounts.

As I say there are many platforms and apps to get this information but these are two that I’ve used to find out who unfollowed me on Instagram.