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We all need a hug at some point, and the holidays are no exception.  Whether you celebrate Christmas and New Year or not, for some this can be a very lonely or stressful time, especially coupled with these dark nights and short days!

It was with this in mind 4 years ago Arié Moyal started the annual HugTrain. This year the trip is in honour of the victims and survivors of the movie theatre shooting in Aurora Colorado.

Arie Moyal is an Integrated Management Strategist and hug expert 🙂  – We met a few years ago via Social Media, he’s an amazing character, very positive and encouraging.  I’ve always enjoyed Arie’s frankness, straightforwardness and support – he’s all for the social good and acts of kindness.

What is the HugTrain

The Hug Train is a rail trip that takes place around America spreading holiday cheer mental health awareness and hugs – and hopefully raise some money for mental health charities or charity along the way.


Why Hugs

Hugging is good medicine, it transfers energy and gives the person hugged an emotional lift.  Scientists say that hugging is a form of communication because it can say things you don’t have the words for.  And the nicest thing about a hug is that you usually can’t give one without getting one!

Where is the HugTrain Stopping

The HugTrainUSA starts on Christmas Eve in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and goes all the way through with daily sometimes twice daily stops for hugs and events until the finale in Miami.

The final itinerary with times etc isn’t finished yet but this is the basic plan.

Christmas Eve: Philadelphia & Pittsburgh
Christmas Day: Chicago & Saint Louis
12/26: Dallas, Forth Worth, Austin, San Antonio (overnight stop in San Antonio)
12/27 El Paso
12/28 & 12/29 Los Angeles
12/30 Depart Los Angeles, San Francisco overnight
12/31 San Francisco for New Year’s Eve
1/1 Depart San Francisco
1/2 Denver (6:38 PM – 7:10 PM – HugStop)
1/3 Chicago
1/4 Washington, DC (overnight)
1/5 Depart DC
1/6 Tampa (overnight)
1/7 Finale in Miami

More details and stops to follow on the HugTrainUSA website 

This is a fabulous but huge task and HugTrain need your help as they would like to make this year’s trip the best ever.

Arie tells the Hecklers Hangout on Google+ about the hug Train on you tube, its a long video but the first part is Arie, explaining, all about the HugTrainUSA 

Can we on social media help ?

Things you can do to help out. 

  • Follow @hugtrainUSA for information
  • Like the Hugtrain Facebook page 
  • Organise an event at one of the stops.
  • Sponsor the event
  • Help with donations of accommodation, food, fares, or phone cost.
  • Spread the word
  • Become a Hugee or a Huger!  – Join in at the stops to give and receive hugs or ride along with Arie.
Please get involved in some way,  that would be fabulous contact Arie at any of the above links or me on Techieminx@gmail.com

All Aboard !!!