Where have all the Twitter stats gone

Where have all the Twitter stats gone? – Twitter Counter

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All of my old trusted favourite Twitter stats tools have gone, like twitter analyzer and tweet stats, well Tweetstats is still running but only up to July and the stats are incorrect. Where have all the Twitter stats gone? I used to love these types of graph stats, they gave you interesting fun statistics for our social networking site Twitter, such as

  • who you @ the most
  • tweets per hour
  • reply stats
  • what you tweet about
  • location of tweeters

There are plenty of new analyzers that give you information such as what your influence is and your score due to how often you are retweeted and such like – its all about scores. We like scores too but we also love the fun stuff.

Where have all the Twitter stats gone – Twitter Counter

If you Google “twitter stats” now you will find at the top and still around is Twitter Counter following behind is tweetstats and twitaholic.

Twitter Counter is just one of the companies co-owned by the interesting internet entrepreneur Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten who is the co-founder of TheNextWeb.Com – SocialStatistics and useqwitter.  Boris is one of those truly fascinating characters that always seems to be coming up with new ideas and startups.

TwitterCounter also owns twitaholic and these tools merge into each other nicely to create a complete overview of your twitter statistics. I actually thought that Boris was buying up all of the old sites when I read that he had obtained twitaholic but he confirmed that he hadn’t.


Where have all the Twitter stats gone


Twitter Counter provides statistics of Twitter usage and tracks over 14 million users and counting. Next to that it offers Pro Twitter Stats for even more powerful statistics and sells featured spots on its website to people who want to gain more followers.

You can see why, Twitter Counter graphs your followers, following tweets and mixed, and tell you how many on average you gain or lose per day and also predicts your future amount of followers. Its a great way to show off your stats to your followers or to look up other peoples stats.

You can view 100 top users, and 100 top lists

The site also contains links for many other twitter tools that you may want to use.

I like this application and I do use it a lot, if you haven’t used it yet, I suggest you pop over and have a look.


Hope this helps to find – Where have all the Twitter stats gone.