Where are my @mentions on Twitter?

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Where are my @mentions!! Did you think you were very unpopular today, were you worried that you weren’t getting many Tweets?

Its okay it’s not just you – many people have not been getting @mentions or replies for a few hours now, some since yesterday.

This is a Twitter.com problem so changing applications isn’t going to help I’m afraid, you’ll have have to keep a good eye on your timeline for @mentions or try searching, which isn’t great.   Something like a Tweetdeck search would be best.

I first noticed people complaining about missing tweets this morning when Jack Schofield – British Technology Journalist tweeted out.

And then later today – the lovely Dawn Porter –  British television presenter and writer wrote.

Poor Dawn was very upset, she said that she was getting DM’s but no replies and it was like talking to herself!

There doesn’t appear to be anything regarding this on the Twitter Status page as yet about the missing mentions, and @twitter desite all the plea’s for help have said nothing, and as they don’t appear to have anyone tweeting 24hours a day on any of their twitter accounts (no really you are lucky for once a day!) – we might have to wait a few hours as its still early morning there.

DM’s – Direct messages started to be effected on Wednesday this is two days later and still no word from Twitter, rather disappointing.

Finally late Wednesday night, (GMT) we had the answer to our questions where are my @mentions – Twitter is working on it.

Hope this helps – sit tight