when is ingress coming to iOS

When is Ingress coming to iOS ?

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when is ingress coming to iOSWhat is Ingress

Ingress is an  MMOARG (massively multiplayer online alternate reality game) created by Niantic labs – which is a start up within Google.  The concept of the game is supposed to be similar to games such as World of Warcraft, but I think that’s just a MMO reference rather than features. SO when is Ingress coming to iOS ?

The game has been available on Google Play for android users  just over a year with a suggested 1 million users and it only came out of Beta in November.  I am dying to see the game play rather that just read about it or watch videos but I am still waiting for Ingress to come out on iPhone.

Some people are calling this game a social media network because again of its online multiplayer theme.  The good thing about its that you can chat to people via the game but also people are creating google+ communities to discuss tactics and to get to know each other further.  Not just anybody though, there are two teams or frations on Ingress –  The Resistance and The Enlightened and you have to choose a side.

What is the Niantic Project

This is a top secret project commission by the National intelligence Agency which is the story beind Ingress. You can view the Niantic project information board, with clues to the game – this is the beginning.

Ingress a strategy game, with maps, cryptic clues, secrets object to acquire and missions to complete all in near-real time augmented reality.  You use the smartphone to find locations of things called portals to unlock the missions, the object is to gain control of the portal. This game certainly gets you out of the gaming chair, you have to be within range to access or  hack the portals so you have to get out and about town.    It sounds that if you are in rural areas you might not find as many as if you were in a town, or you can create your own, that I’m not clear on.  I’m hoping that Ingress will be coming to iPhone soon so that I can tell you a bit more about it. Or if you need more instruction Google has this great training and infomation page – https://support.google.com/ingress

When is Ingress coming to iOS ?

It has been said that Ingress is coming to iOS this year, but not when.  This information originally came from allthingsd.com who spoke to Brandon Badger product manager of Ingress back in October 2013. Something did appear in the app store – in late January but was soon taken off, apparently not an official release which looked similar but didn’t actually work, so I’ve no idea how that got through.

This question has been asked for months now, when is Ingress coming to iOS – I’ve been waiting for a game like Ingress for so long, ever since I first heard about QR codes and then augmented reality the possibilities were/are endless. Niantics first step toward this was a free android app called Field Trip, which discovers and informs you about the world around you.  Ingress of course has gone much much further than this by creating an interactive MMO still using all the tech of a smartphone, the GPS, the Wifi and the graphics to create a game which seems to me just pure technological genius.   However, I will let you know when I eventually actually try it for myself, this will be when I stop asking When is Ingress coming to iOS  – and its on my iPhone, if I can hold out much longer not buying an Android.

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