When is Facebook not Facebook – when its FaceBook

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back to reading my blog, there is another Facebook warning.

Doing the rounds at the moment is an email that appears to come from Facebook that looks like this…


Dear user of FaceBook.

Your password is not safe!
To secure your account the password has been changed automatically.
Attached document contains a new password to your account and detailed information about new security measures.

Thank you for attention,
Your Facebook

If Facebook were to contact you they would use your user name, they would write their name correctly and they would not send you an attachment.

More worrying however, is this one that I received today – it looks very real indeed.  Note the link at the top; lots of numbers, that looks fake – but all of the links look real. “Sorry that you’ve been having trouble logging into your Facebook account”  I wasn’t have trouble logging in. So I just tried again via Facebook.com and it logged in right away, so you can safely assume that this is another scam to get our Facebook details.

If you get an email like this just try logging in to Facebook and I’m sure it will work.  Delete the email.

What Facebook say about fake emails

For more detailed information about the first email scam see the Sophos site.

I’m thinking they should change the name to Facescam…

Hope this helps 🙂