WhatsApp Finally on PC for iPhone iOS

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After using WhatsAppWhatsApp_logo-color-vertical.svg (1) again after having it for over 3 years and I am relieved that WhatsApp is finally on PC for iPhone iOS.   WhatsApp is fab when you are mobile to have on the iPhone. However its so much easier to use the on the PC when you are working with every other network (Apart from Instagram) on your computer.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging application that lets you send and receive SMS messages without paying. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Nokia, all these devices can communicate with one another! Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the data plan you already have to email and internet, there is no additional cost for sending messages and keep in touch with friends.


When I started using Whatsapp again everyone said, you can have Whatsapp on your computer now, its brilliant – but low and behold – not for iPhone, iOs you couldn’t, this feature has been available for Android for 6 months and its taken that long to get it working with Apple phones.

WhatsApp Finally on PC for iPhone iOS

I can not tell you how happy I was to find out that WhatsApp added WhatsApp Web to iPhone. The messages are fully synced so you don’t lose any from changing devices at all.  And you do have to be updated to iOS 8.1

Send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer.

We recommend using WhatsApp Web with one of the following browsers: Google Chrome.

Minimum requirements

  • An active WhatsApp account on your phone.
  • A stable internet connection on both your phone and your computer.
  • The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari as your web browser on your computer.



How to get WhatsApp web working on your PC

This is for iPhone 8.1+

First go to https://web.whatsapp.com/ website

  1. Open Whatsapp on your phone
  2. Go to Settings 
  3. WhatsApp Web
  4. Scan the QR Code on the website with your iPhone 


Other Phones or OS

Open WhatsApp on your phone.

  • On Android: in the Chats screen > Menu > WhatsApp Web.
  • On Nokia S60 and Windows Phone: go to Menu > WhatsApp Web..
  • On BlackBerry: go to Chats > Menu > WhatsApp Web.
  • On BlackBerry 10: Swipe down from top of the screen > WhatsApp Web.
  • On Nokia S40: Swipe up from bottom of screen > WhatsApp Web.


Easy as pie!  And happy as Larry – Thank goodness Whatsapp Finally on PC for iPhone iOS

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