Whatsapp 4G VIP Scam fooling users again

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I’m sorry to be writing about Whatsapp again so soon and I’m sorry that it’s about yet ANOTHER Whatsapp hoax message but I had to warn you that there is a new scam going around – because I’ve seen it so many times already!   Its similar to the last one Whatsapp 4.0.   This Whatsapp 4G VIP Scam is fooling users into thinking that it is a real update.   Its more like an extention of the phishing scam Whatsapp Version 4.0 where the post action lists the extra features that you can get.

Whatsapp 4G VIP Scam fooling users

The promises on this new VIP scam are as follows

  • Private Messaging, while withholding your number
  • Free WiFi mode
  • Video Calling
  • See who has viewed your profile picture on Whatsapp
  • Free calls

Of course, not everyone can have this – its VIP don’t you know, it’s for special people who invited users only.  So you must invite your friends before you can download.  (ALARM BELLS YET?)

Also as usual with these scams if look carefully at the message – is written in bad English, (worse than mine, even) with capital letters all over the place, there is no way that Whatsapp would advertise like that.

AND it the link is NOT from Whatsapp but from a created URL by the scammers to looks like Whatsapp but of course its FAKE.

Whatsapp 4G VIP Scam fooling users

Whatsapp 4G VIP Scam fooling users

The link takes you to a website like this

Whatsapp 4G VIP Scam fooling users


I’m not certain what happens after you download it, I did not want to find out and haven’t yet found out from the people I know that shared it – but I would suggest you immediately delete it and change your password – and if you can scan your phone, disinfect your hands and go and sit in the corner for the rest of the day!  🙂

Please never share things like this before you check it out – Always go to the Whatsapp website and check to see if any updates or the store for your phone – never click a link sent via Whatsapp or email before you check it out.

If you are really unsure Whatsapp do have a special help page – Frequently Asked Questions. 

I received a strange Whatsapp message. Is it true?

You may have received spam from an unauthorized third party and not WhatsApp.

We work diligently to reduce any spam messages that come through our system. Creating a safe space for users to communicate with one another is a priority. However, just like regular SMS or phone calls, it is possible for other WhatsApp users who have your phone number to contact you. Thus, we want to help you identify and handle these messages.

Unwanted messages from unauthorized third parties come in many forms, such as spam, hoax and phishing messages. All these types of messages are broadly defined as unsolicited messages from unauthorized third parties that try to deceive you and prompt you to act in a certain way.

You may be the target of a deceptive scheme if any of the following describes a message you receive, via WhatsApp or email:

  • The sender claims to be affiliated with WhatsApp.
  • The message content includes instructions to forward the message.
  • The message claims you can avoid punishment, like account suspension, if you forward the message.
  • The message content includes a reward or gift from WhatsApp or another person.

Hope this helps