whats going on with no mans sky

Whats going on – No Mans Sky

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Whats going on - No Mans SkyWhats going on – No Mans Sky was launched on PS4 on Monday 8th August and will be available on PC by Friday the 12th of August.

No Mans Sky was developed by Hello Games a small team of around 15 people who have been working on the game for 4 years.

The game has been out for 2 days on PS4  at the time of writing, and as you would expect already there are shouts of joy, desperation, and disappointment, for various reasons.

It’s actually refreshing to see tweets about a different game other than PokemonGo, whatever they say.

Who are Hello Games

Hello Games are based in Guildford UK (close to me!)  founded in 2008 by four friends, Sean Murray, (founder) Ryan Doyle, David Ream and Grant Duncan.  They had previously worked together for other businesses and wanted to bring the vibrancy and fun back to games themselves. No Mans Sky is not their first game they also created Joe Danger but No Mans Sky is set to be one of the biggest games this year.  It does help that No Man Sky has the backing of Sony.

What is No Mans Sky

No Man Sky is a beautiful science fiction survival and exploration game which is in an infinite procedurally generated universe (Their description).

According to RedBull in May of this year –  Man’s Sky could contain 136,505,906,145,450,681,958,400,000,000 people. Or humanoids. Peopleoids. Aliens.

In No Mans Sky you explore uncharted solar systems, you name and catalogue planets and forms of life that have never been seen before.  You can also find ancient artefacts that might reveal secrets about the universe.  You can also fight creatures or spaceships that you encounter on the way.  And from what I’ve seen, you don’t want to go shooting at people for no reason, as they will find you and track you down.  There is a story line that you follow.  It seems basically a single player sandbox game, and if you don’t like exploring and collecting resources to survive and create better equipment, then you won’t like this game.  It’s a very chilled game unless you upset some pirates.  I’ve not played it yet myself as I am waiting for it to launch on PC but I have been watching various twitch streamers play it and they do seem to be enjoying it very much.

What’s going on – No Mans Sky

So, what’s all this fuss today about No Mans Sky – well yesterday two streamers were playing and realised that they were very close to each other and so decided they would meet up, and they did but sadly they could not see each other.  So maybe they were on different servers or instances.  You can see more about that here on Reddit – I’m about to meet another player    However today live on Twitch they tried again, and no they could not see each other, both players even logged out and in again.

Now some of the gaming community aren’t very happy, they said they were led to believe that it was multiplayer – even though it is listed as single player, Sean Murray has often said things like it will take a long time to meet another player, which means that it is possible, doesn’t it?.  Or maybe that was the aim in the beginning but it didn’t work out.   To buy the game on the premise that you will probably not see another player is pretty crazy, and we are distracting from what a great game this actually is, built by a very small indie team.

So, we don’t know what’s going on – we don’t know if this is a glitch or its never going to be possible, we just don’t know at this stage.   I don’t think Sean has commented to all of the complaints as yet, so I’m pretty confused.  I think a statement would help stop the ranting from new players.  Sean has said repeatedly that it is not a multiplayer game.  But then he was recorded saying that we can’t see what our characters look like but other players can. One streamer did say  that they are fixing this and that its a bug, but I have not read this anywhere.  I will keep searching and update if I find it.

Sean Tweets

Whats going on - No Mans Sky


Whats going on - No Mans Sky

But they didn’t actually find each other………..   well not in the sense of the word that I understand “find” to mean.  – but they knew each other were there partly because they were both streaming but they did not see each other.    In that tweet, Sean does confirm that HelloGames want players to be aware they are in a shared universe, which doesn’t mean that we will see them but we will know they have been there as they have named planets and plants etc.    I’m confused, and so are many others. But unlike some others, that are saying things like “No Man Lies” – “Nomad Sky” and “No Friends Sky” – haha – Personally,  I’m not really bothered, it would have been good to meet up with people but I didn’t expect that it was going to be easy or the aim of the game, besides I am proud that a little games dev company  HelloGames from the UK  have created a game like this and taken the gaming community by storm.  Just about Everyone and his mother are streaming this game right now.

So basically I don’t know Whats going on – No Mans Sky will hopefully reveal all soon.