What is the Facebook Face Recognition system and how to disable it.

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Facebook has now launched its Face Recognition system to be available more users.  This system can apparently automatically identify people in your photos from their facial features  and help you tag them, they are not automatically tagged, its not that clever, but it will search through photos when loaded to find any that look like your friends and suggest you tag them.

As usual this is an opt out system from Facebook, which means when it does start, you could automatically find yourself tagged in loads of photos without your knowledge of any changes on Facebook. So if you think this is a bit too much against your privacy you might want to remove the ability now.  Even though I don’t think the option to use the facebook face recognition system is available yet in the UK, the ability to disable it has suddenly appeared, so I assume it will not be long.

How to disable it.

Go to Account Privacy settingsCustomize settings

At the top on the left you see: Things I share – scroll down to Things others share.

Suggest photos of me to friends (When photos look like me, suggest my name) – Click Edit settings

You will see a button that has Enabled click that and Tick Disable

Lastly Click OK

If you have any questions on how to protect your privacy on Facebook, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Hope this helps.