What is #Skillpages

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Skillpages is a social media directory or networking website for job seekers and recruiters or people looking just for a type of skill. If you are looking for full-time, part time, temporary or a one off job, Skillpages might be a great place to start as it now has over 10 million users.

Skillpages was originally called Weedle and was launched in 2009. However it went through some changes and was relaunched in January 2011 as Skillpages.

After recently launching an iPhone application Skillpages became just that bit more popular  increasing their database by 1.5million users.

What is Skillpages

Basically, Skillpages is where you find skilled people or showcase your own skills.

People say that Skillpages is just another Linkedin but its different in the way that it concentrates on your skills. With Skillpages you are searching for peoples skills in certain areas – so people might be looking for an expert in eCommerce in London, Skillpages will find them for you, either in your own community of people you trust or new contacts.  With the search function you can immediately see who has the most recommendations by the thumbs up and if they are in your community or not.

skillpages search

On signing up for an account you add your profile as you would normally on starting a social network, and then your work experiences – you can connect facebook and linkedin and it will add that information for you but on Skillpages the most important thing is to..


Add your skills

If you have many skills remember to start with the skill that you want to be seen for the most as this is what appears first when people click on your profile to recommend you.

  • You add the name of your skill
  • A description – Here you put things like – why you are good at this skill – your qualifications and your experience and maybe which companies you have worked for.
  • Add a cover photo
  • Then you finish off by asking for recommendations, either by Facebook, Twitter or Email.  – There has been talk of spam arising from using the email method, which I’m not sure of as I didn’t use it, I assume it emails everyone in your address book to ask for a recommendation which could seem like spam to some.  
  • All of this is optional, but I would suggest filling it all out.

add skill


Work Opportunities

If you are looking for work – you can search for Work Opportunities.

Click Work Opportunities at the top and the fill in what type of work and the area and you will get a list of people that are looking for that skill in your area – Here you can click on the position or opportunity that you like. Baring in mind many people are looking for the same thing so if you are going to apply you need to make your reply stand out from the rest and as always having a fantastic personal avatar and being polite helps.  Unlike this reply I just saw – JUST CALL ME I NEED JOB!!


Looking for a Skilled Person?

Once you have your own account you can then post an opportunity if you are looking for someone with a certain skill.

Scroll down to under your skills on your profile page and you will see – Post an opportunity.

Here you just fill in, What you need and What you need them to do – and Skillpages will notify people with those skills for you, no need for searching.

I haven’t actually used Skillpages to find a job for myself but it certainly looks like the place to be if you are looking for any type of work, there are many many opportunities available and its growing all of the time.  Skillpages says it has 21,292,088 skills and counting.

Skillpages is available on the web or mobile.

Hope this helped you understand a little bit about What is Skillpages.