What is Echofon 3?

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Many people tweet or blog about Tweetdeck, rarely do you hear much about Echofon – the superfast Twitter application –

Not Echophone – This is a sort of harmonica,

Or Ecophon which is some sort of acoustic ceiling!

It is called Echofon – formerly known as Twitterfon and Twitterfox. The new name isn’t extremely memorable but this application for the iphone is.

The powers that be don’t seem to be doing well with product names do they, well not in my eyes anyway, iPad and Meego, (meebo)? I’m sure there could be something better.

Anyway Echofon……

  • Speedy and simple to use
  • Easy on the eye
  • All on one page
  • One click to switch or go back

The first thing you see when you start is your homepage, this contains your follower’s tweets.

Top left – Menu button which takes you to your own account and settings.

Top right – Pen and paper icon – where you can type your tweets and don’t forget, if you turn the iPhone or itouch you have a real good-sized keyboard

To reply, just click on the tweet and it brings up the whole message on a page with the options:-



More (where you can mail the tweet or send a DM – Direct Message).

If you are retweeting – Echofon offer the brilliant option of either retweeting with comment or without – having the old RT at the click of a button, if you don’t like the new automatic RT.

Along the bottom of the homepage:


Mentions (@ you)

Messages (DMs)

Lovely Lists!! (This is new)

And Search.

On these headings any unread tweets you have, will be shown in a red circle as a number.

On the pro version you can get push notifications from any twitter user for messages and mentions – unlike with the free version you only get push notifications from Echofon users – which makes it just list sending and receiving free sms text messages – also you no longer get advertisements as you do with the free version.

Echofon also supports unread syncing – here you put an extension of Echofon on your desktop on Firefox or Mac and if you read your messages here, it will take away the number shown of unread tweets on your iphone. This extension adds a tiny Echofon icon to the status bar and it notifies you when friends post tweets and has a text entry field for posting your own tweets – I have only just added this extension myself so I’m not sure how useful it is yet.

Another good thing about Echofon is when you click the name of the senders tweet it brings up their profile where you can also see their own timeline, which is interesting if you are nosy like me.

The best thing is In reply to (I think now most have a version of this, apart from twitter.com) – if you get an @ mention – you click on it, you will open another section – in reply to – when you click this it shows the whole conversation on another page with speech bubbles, which is essential if you are unsure what the tweeter is replying to – you can also see other tweeters string of conversations too – as long as they have clicked reply when tweeting and not just started a new tweet.

Some other features include, user information, who you’re following, and who’s following you and multiple accounts.

I have almost always used this application; yes, I have tried many others and always find myself coming back to Echofon. Only once did I get frustrated with Echofon and found out it was when Twitter was resetting everyone’s passwords. Since the recent updates in Echofon 3 it’s got even better, so if you haven’t tried it recently it might be an idea to do so.

For more information see here

http://echofon.com/ or contact @echofon