What does 1GB data allowance mean – Mobile

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What is data allowance

I hate being restricted to how much mobile data allowance I have – you are never sure how  much you you are using.  Thats why if I can, I will always go for unlimited, or as Three.uk call it  All-you-can-eat-data when sorting out my tariffs.

When going on holiday people are always asking me – how long can I go on the internet for if I only have so much data allowance per day – the trouble is it doesn’t really work that way – it depends what you are doing.

Orange now have an app to help you with holiday useage called Travel Angel – on iTunes – I haven’t tested it yet, and to be honest it doesn’t have good reviews but it looks to be perfect for setting up holiday packages and keeping an eye on data usage – more about that later.

Three uk know that people are very confused about how much data certain websites or operations use, so they have created this infographic to show the difference between All-you-can-eat-data and 1GB data allowance.  I love this and it makes it all very clear, hopefully to you too.

What is All-You-Can-Eat-Data

The funny thing is about unlimited or All you can eat is that its not really unlimited – there is always some limit and on Three UK  this is based on what they say your smartphone can handle which is about 1000GB per month, so that is huge!

Additionally – Three actually have some amazing tariff deals on the apple iphone 5 32gb at the moment which looks like you get a free phone too – I have to wait though unless I buy out of my contract – besides lightning doesn’t make me happy – I’d need to get loads of adapters. So I’ll be sticking with my Iphone 4s and my iPad 2 for a while.

Hope this helps