What an exciting day for a certain teenager – Twifficiency

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What an exciting day for a certain teenager it’s been today……
For me it started like this – I logged to Twitter this morning and I immediately noticed trusted friends tweeting their Twifficiency scores, ooh I thought, that’s new, the scores are low, I wonder what it means. And I, like lots of other people clicked on the link to see what my score would be. We all love a high score 🙂 I knew it would tweet my score as I had seen everyone else’s. That much was clear in my book, so I’m not sure why people were surprised at that.


My Twifficiency score is 39%. What’s yours? http://twifficiency.com/
Hmm, that wasn’t much I thought but sadly it didn’t give any reasons. It just said on the app that it was rated based on your Twitter activity. So this includes your followers followed and tweets. So that was a bit of a downer and pretty boring, that was that as far as I was concerned. Next……
Soon after, however, people started tweeting that it was spam, it was just a random number generator and it was going to take your password, murder your cat and all sorts, thinking this was strange I popped over to have a peek at the creator of the app and I found him to be a very surprised 17-year coder with 100 followers who just had tweeted something like OMG I have a trending topic! Which I thought was great for him and also very cute. He didn’t seem like a spammer to me, (he didn’t have the long hair and the goatee for a start!) and then he started to apologize about the spamming explaining it was just him testing out an app for oAuth, awww sweet!
By this time it seemed that everyone was checking out the application and then complaining about it which kept it trending and got it a lot of attention. They say that all publicity is good publicity and in this case, it worked as the more people complained the more people went to check it out.
I thought it had all calmed down but no, it’s still going on. Now when you go to search for Twifficiency there are something like 100’s of tweets per min. Mostly with people saying it’s a scam and some still testing it out.
And the guy, James Cunningham now has almost 700 followers (lots of good ones too!). Which is increasing at an astonishing rate and is an overnight success – I’m sure this will get him somewhere, it certainly got him noticed in the Twitter world and further.
Good Luck to him I say… what’s next James? 🙂