We had a website challenge – The Windsor Caper

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Its not often that you get a customer that wants a new website but has no idea what they want or even to have any input in it, this was our  website challenge. “I completely trust you to create something amazing” This can be often be good or bad.

So, first we gave him our ideas and a few images of what he might expect, and he was thrilled so we got right to it.

Its actually a fascinating story so I thought I would share it with you.

Author Gerda Weissman Klein

90 year old Gerda Weissmann Klein is a fascinating and amazing woman, a Polish-born American writer, public speaker and holocaust survivor. Gerda Klein has written many books, her first book  All but My Life which is her autobiography was adapted for the 1995 short film, One Survivor Remembers. The film received an Emmy Award and an Academy Award. All but my life was first published in 1957 and its going now into its 70th edition.

Website Challenge – The Windsor Caper

The Windsor Caper is her most recent book which featured in the Buffalo News as a 60 part series while Gerda was a featured columnist. Years later her Cousin Martin Good who loved the story so much decided to publish it, and here we are now back to the start of the story. The website is for The Windsor Caper. Which is a story about 2 American girls who visit Windsor Castle in London and get locked in for the night and the adventures they find.

We created the website so that it opened like a book, and collated all of the information which was spread all over the web into it. You need to scroll down to see all of the information, there is still more we can put into it but we don’t want to over do it!  This is how it turned out.  We were very pleased that Martin Good, really loved it, and Gerda is thrilled that we are bringing it to life.

We had a website challenge - The Windsor Caper


We had a website challenge - The Windsor Caper


You can actually now also download two of the chapters from the book for free to see if you or your children would like it – Free Sample Chapters of the Windsor Caper  –  I suggest you do that right now 🙂