Warning! Twitter Scam – Is this blog about you?

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There is another Phishing scam going around Twitter.  This is similar to the “Is this you in this picture”  and “Is this you in this video”

You get a DM asking Is this blog about you with a link – here is the one I revived today.

People are saying that when you click the link it takes you to a twitter log in page, it then takes over your account and sends out DM’s to your friends from your twitter account.

Think before you click!

The danger is that these DM’s are from friends and you don’t think about it when you click as you wonder – ooh am I featured in a blog?

If you have clicked on this, you need to change your password immediately and try to warn the people that you have DM’d not to click the link.  I sent a message to the above account to tell this this is happening, as that is the other problem, you don’t actually realise right away that it is happening.

Update – I’ve also received the “This gotta be you in this picture” scam today …

He realised soon enough and sent out this message to say he was hacked

Same as above, change password!

Hope this helps.