Warning – 3200 Error downloading iOS5 – Apple

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As usual Apples servers are under a lot of stress with everyone worldwide trying to download the new operating system out today for iPhone iPad and iPod Touch.

It appears to download but then it comes up with an internal error, 3200 – where you have to just start again with the downloading.  It is purely because Apple cannot cope with the astonishing number of downloads at the same time.

Some have been saying they have been downloading for hours – others it was a quick download but it won’t install – they get this error.

The best thing to do is leave it for a few hours when Apple say it should be resolved.

I do know of some people that say they have it working but I am assuming they got it right at the start – but as time goes on the more we are seeing people complaining about an error.

Some have also said they have lost their contacts so please back up before you start the download.

What tweeters are saying…..

Have you managed to download it and have it working yet?  How long did it take? What is it like? 🙂