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Big Brother is watching you…

If you know me, and are reading this, you are probably on a social networking site; I am on quite a few, so most people say that I am addicted, how rude. So, why are we still making mistakes? – I don’t get it.

Social Networking is more popular now than it ever was, with different sites reaching out to a variety of people – Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Myspace – to name a just few. People want to find old friends, connect with new acquaintances or make new contacts; you need people to locate you, so there is usually no anonymity.

Writer and blogger – Shea said on Twitter recently
@Sheamus: Social media is the virtual Big Brother; people have a habit of forgetting they’re on camera 24/7. Be smart.

It’s all over the Internet about the high number of employers and prospective employers checking social networking sites to research job candidates or to check up on what employees are saying or doing. Employers are now reporting they have found content on social networking sites that caused them not to employ a candidate.

45% Employers use Facebook-Twitter to screen job candidates

Do you realise the risks of your status updates, tweets or posts? With all the recent publicity, people still aren’t cautious enough about what they type – I really don’t get it. Personal information typed on networking sites can be seen by anyone and everyone, which can have consequences in the real world.

Seriously it’s not rocket science to search to see if people are talking about you, or what a particular person is posting. Google or other search engines, applications or other tools have the power.

It may be hilarious, that your best buddy posted a picture of you drunk in the gutter with your pants on your head with a tattoo drawn on your bum, but always remember that there may be more people sneaking a peak at your photos than you may be intending. Like your boss, teacher or next doors pervey Uncle Ernie.

Facebook photos land Eden Prairie kids in trouble

You might believe it harmless – when you have a gossip with Sara about Naomi’s new dress that she wore to the party – which was so hideous it made her stand out like a clown at a funeral. Will it be so harmless when she has seen what was written?

What about when the boss upsets one member of staff, and to be supportive you might say – yeah the boss is a right cow; I hate working for her – guess who gets disciplined when the boss sees what you have written.

Please note that these examples bare no relation to my real life or job!
(In case the boss is watching.)

Council official disciplined over foul-mouthed Facebook insult

These types of careless comments have damaged friendships and some cases people’s lives. We should all be very careful about what we are saying or posting all of the time, and imagine when we type those words on the screen that…

…Everyone is watching.

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