Video won’t kill the blogging star.

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Every now and then some one will say that blogging is in the past and vlogging is the future. (Like garlic bread?)  They’ve been saying this for years, and there are still more and more blogs, so I wonder if it will ever happen. 

If you’ve been hiding in the cupboard and don’t know what vlogging is, here is the definition.
Video blogging, sometimes shortened to vlogging is a form of blogging for which the medium is video, and is a form of Internet television.
I really only feel the need for video when I need more visuals like a “how to” video, otherwise I prefer the art of written words (with photo’s or pictures).    I think people are more artistic about how they write than how they speak. Its usually more interesting to read than to watch someone talk who might distract me with their funny expressions or fiddling hands. 
I love YouTube.
  • When I’m not listening to iTunes or the radio I often watch, listen to music videos.
  • I’m teaching myself how to use Adobe Illustrator as you may know and I often use YouTube to find hints and tips, and to see how its done is often easier than reading it.
  • I was also concerned about changing the screen in my sons netbook but I found a video on YouTube on how to do that – and it was a breeze.
There are the greats in video blogging some of my favourites are @ijustine which obviously works because she has good visuals, the kids love her and so do the men.
And Paul @Renetto who’s funny, on the ball, and up to date, and manages to volg at all the best places
Obviously video has become more accessible now with cameras built for vlogging, web cams built into laptops, video phones, this allows more videos, video chat, and live-streaming too. 

Yet its not as easy as it looks to produce a high quality vlog – no background noise, good lighting, and the essentials, no “Ummm” ing or fiddling with hands,  so not just anyone can produce a decent vlog. 
There are already hundreds of thousands of bloggers and vloggers, its not going to stop,  there will become more and I think each has its own place in the world of the internet. 
Video won’t kill the blogging star. Just the same as it didn’t really kill the radio star, did it? 

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