Unfollow Unfollowers on Twitter

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I have been looking for a good application to replace Twitcleaner since it closed down, I needed something that was as good as Twitcleaner to help to unfollow unfollowers on Twitter for Free.

What application should I use to unfollow unfollowers on Twitter?

Its been a hard job, I really miss Twitcleaner – it was perfect. I do understand, he was doing all this for free and it took up alot of time.  I do use now and then as its pretty good at showing you who just unfollowed you – as we know sometimes, Twitter unfollows people for you, so this is very handy just to check, but its not as comprehensive as Twitcleaner.

Where have I been, I found Justunfollow

During my search I came across – which has some fantastic options –  and you can also get an iPhone app for Free, and an app for Android – plus whats more you can use it for instagram.

I’ve been using this tool for a while now and I love it, also seems to be safe.  You do have to be careful with some of these applications as they might tweet for you when you don’t want or remove people that you don’t want.  However with this cool unfollow tool – you can set it as auto or manual and it asks you each time if you would like to tweet, which is very polite. so sometimes I will Tweet to give them a bit of exposure. I would never have an application like this as auto, I prefer to look through and know who I am unfollowing. However that’s up to you.

How to use JustUnfollow.

Its very simple – log in, and authorise it to use Twitter.

It will then ask you for you email address – I’ve had no spam yet.

Then it will ask – Do you want us to automatically track your unfollowers and tweet from your account once a day like below.  –  I would advise you to say No, which is accepted.



This then takes you to its own platform, which has a great look – and is simple to use – love it.

On the left your options are ….

  • Non Followers
  • Fans
  • Who unfollowed me
  • Who followed me
  • Inactive following <- this is what I need.
  • All Following
  • Copy Followers
  • Whitelist
  • Blacklist
  • Friend Check
  • Auto Mate

If you click on the options it explains what you can do with them.

I’d like to talk about Inactive Followers which is what I’d like to remove, its pointless to me follow people that have left Twitter. Which many people do, they sign up do not like it and just don’t log in again.

How to unfollow inactive tweeters

So you click – Inactive Following in the box on the left.

You are the shown a list of people that haven’t tweeted for a month



One month isn’t very long – the person could have taken an extended holiday or been ill – so I like to change this to 3 or 6 months.  There is a click down option just under the tweet box.  For me there are always some big surprises with the people that are in the list, so I will click through to the persons twitter account just to check that this information is accurate as I always worry that they are not 100% accurate due to Twitters restrictions.

You can then unfollow 25 people but a message flashes up to say that you can upgrade or tweet that you are using Justunfollow and they will take you up to 50 per day which is enough. 25 isn’t a big deal if you have many people to unfollow but 50 is probably a good place to stop as Twitter does not like you to bulk follow or unfollow and you could go getting your account suspended if you do this.    Or you could just continue to use the information but to click through to Twitter to remove the accounts. However there is also the option to pay for the upgrade.

How to Unfollow Unfollowers is exactly the same process as unfollowing inactives you would just click the Who unfollowed me button but you do have to Tweet to use it – but I don’t see a problem with that.

Happy unfollowing……  if I’m not following, tweet me 🙂