Undrip bring you #luckyones – top entrepreneurs helping businesses hurt in Hurricane Sandy

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What is Undrip and what are they doing?

Undrip is a free social media aggregator application for iPhone and ipad developed by Thusfresh Inc. created by scappy entrepreneur Mick Hagen. (His words)

A social media feed, not a news feed.

Undrip scans all of your social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, instagram, Tumblr, and App.net, then sorts out what is important to you by analyzing your feeds.  Undrip takes away the noise, the status updates, then sorts them into easy to read categories which you can then share on your social networks as a curator. One of the great things about Undrip is that you can also add your own comments and thoughts, plus you can even post straight from Undrip.

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What is Luckyones?

Lucky ones is the name of a new Rap song organised by Undrip, its a song to celebrate entrepreneurship by entrepreneurs – 25 of the worlds top entrepreneurs went in to making this video – and they are doing it to raise money for small businesses that have been devastated by hurricane sandy.  See how many faces you can recognise, some of the people in the video are Alexis Ohanian from Reddit, Rick Marini from BranchOut, Ashtop Motes from Dropbox and even one of my favs Robert Scoble is rocking it!

Take a look and listen to Luckyones, its actually awesome!


Luckyones Lyrics

Verse 1:
This is the one for the ninjas and rockstars (Mick Hagen)
Waiting for their chance to come up like a pop tart (Tim Draper)
People with the vision on their way to the top
Don’t let anybody tell you when to stop, start (Brian Wong)

Doin’ what you love because time is a wasting’ (Leah Busque)
You gotta get a beta from the nascent (Josh Felser)
Stay hungry on the way to your destination
It takes determination and patience (Justin Kan)

I don’t mean it as a diss, but wishing’s a waste of time
And you’ll never reach the front if you’re waiting in line (David Hornik)
So rise and grind, if you’re inclined (Jamie Wong)
Stay strapped on your deadline, never recline (Brad Feld)

Every time — they call you crazy, that’s gnar (Paul Davison)
No shame in the game this is who we are (Alexis Ohanian)
So flex your hustle get to running like a muscle car
And catch a long tail on your shooting star (Rick Marini)

We are the lucky ones,
We are the dream,
And we’ll see it all come true, yah,
Cuz we work all day, and we play at night,
Nothing can stop, nothing can stop,
The dream of the lucky one

Verse 2:
So let me put it on the table like Paula Deen
You wanna get that butter, gotta churn that cream (Patrick Chung)
Got a scheme and a team, better hit it with steam
Or you’ll be singing it like biggie “It was all a dream” (Will Harbin)

And you don’t wanna see it get dusty
Trust me it’s ugly you better do something (Ted Rheingold)
Whether in your element enveloped in development (Christine Tsai)
Or busting your butt trying to get that funding (Josh Kopelman)

It’s a long road, no denyin (Micah Baldwin, Jessica Alter)
You gotta keep pitchin like Nolan Ryan (David Weekly)
There is a demand for what you can supply (Josh Elman)
And the bay runs deep so the well ain’t dryin (Alfred Lin)

We say it a lot and yo it might sound funny (Emily Olson)
You’ll never keep playing this game for the money (Rob Lafave)
It’s something inside that you can’t deny (Aston Motes)
You decide your life and that’s lucky (Robert Scoble)

Donate here – so far they have raised $3000 for their charity.

You can get the Undrip social media aggregator  application for IOS from itunes – Undrip

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


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