Longer Tweets and other updates on Twitter

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Longer Tweets and other updates on Twitter Today Twitter announced that they are finally allowing us longer tweets.  Twitter told us in a blog post in May that they were going to be allowing longer tweets and other updates that were coming that will make changes in the way we tweet.  Today we got some more of those updates.

Longer Tweets and other updates on Twitter

So, its not really more than 140 characters (which is Twitters trade mark amount of characters that you can use) but now only text matters.   When we started adding Videos, Gifs and Images to our tweets it meant that we lost space in the amount of characters that we can type.  Now that all changes. You now don’t lose any characters,  which is great, as you really didn’t have much room left once you’d added your media attachments and hashtags to type a meaningful message, it always had to be very short.

Twitter announced the update via a tweet and a video. 

Say more about what’s happening! Rolling out now: photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and Quote Tweets no longer count toward your 140 characters.


What doesn’t count to your 140 character limit in a tweet

  • @Names (in replies)
  • Photos
  • GIFs
  • Videos
  • Polls

All of these items will no longer us up valuable tweeting space.

One of the other changes happening today is the requirements to put .@  A full stop or period before a username so that the tweet is shared with all your followers instead of just the person that you are talking to is over, now you can just put the user name and your followers will see the tweet in their feeds. And you can also retweet your own reply.  We’ve already seen that we can now retweet our own tweets which is very useful when you want to get a tweet to be seen more often, and saves time typing it all out again.

Twitter also said that they are working on more improvements and will let us know about those soon.   I do these Longer Tweets and other updates on Twitter but I hope they don’t change it too much.