Twitter Problems – Including Error On Page fix

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Several problems posting tweets to Facebook and Twitter this weekend … its not Fail Whale its Fail Snail!

They tweeted that they were having problems with and API access but they  have now stabilized it.

Since then we have seen people complaining of missing tweets or tweets taking from any thing upto 15mins to appear in the time-line, ( this I know caused one of my friends the loss of a competition today) there are missing DM’s, still lots of problems but no word from Twitter since the last message 16 hours ago.

Other on going problems are as follows… but are appearing more today!

Error on Page
Some people occasionally get this error message on New Twitter it seems to load and then just says Error on Page,  this appears to be a problem with Internet Explorer 8.

One solution found was to delete cookies, or simply deleting the browser history .

You do this by opening up IE8 Clicking on Safety and then clicking Delete Browser History

Then it will open up this box, you could try first just ticking the box Cookies – and click delete at the bottom to see if this is the fix for you.

If not tick all of these and then delete and the should solve the problem.

Or you could download a different browser such as Goggle Chrome or Mozilla Firefox – I haven’t used Internet explorer for years now.

Blank Page
Another more common problem people have with #newtwitter is a blank page.  This is just a bug and Twitter themselves advise you to switch back to old twitter until you have tried the following.

Twitter support advise these fixes

If you are still having problems contact @support on twitter using an application or the support page