Twitter News – Activity Arrives and A Hack Attack

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Twitter news…

You may have heard that Twitter has launched another change on; I’ll keep this brief as you will see for yourself soon enough.


This shows favorites, follows, retweets, and more by people that you follow – this is next to @mentions, which now has your @name and retweets has gone  – this is being rolled out slowly as not everyone has it yet.

I’m not sure about the usefulness of this yet, it makes it harder to see your retweets – but at least it is on another page and you have to click to see it.   One thing maybe to remember is that everything you do now, show’s up in picture form for everyone to see, well maybe not EVERYTHING 🙂

Some people are loving these new changes in Twitter, but some say its ruining what we once  had, simplicity – I do have to agree.  I wonder what your view is, do you like these changes from the #oldtwitter to the new?

In other news……

New Phishing Attack

There is another new Phising attack coming to your DM folder  it says

 Someone is posting a pic of you all over twitter

This is one of those that is intending to get your account details and then repost it to everyone in your address book as as DM – if you click on it and have Google Chrome, which you should have by now.  Very similar to the  Is this your in this picture – photo scam.

Chrome says this ….  I’m glad it worked as I wanted to show you this page.  Although you cannot see the link on the DM it says that has been reported as a phishing site.

We should be used to these by now, and should avoid clicking like the plague, I almost reported this person for spam as it looked that way but he obviously just got caught.

 All I can say is don’t click it – it just keeps it going.  And change your password and tell people not to click, if you have

Hope this helps