Twitter Money Scam Hacks Your Account

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We are seeing these words too much on Twitter at the moment – I’ve been hacked!

Be warned – The Twitter make money fast scam hacks your account

This scam or variations on the same theme is still going around Twitter, its been floating around for at least a month now so its spreading viciously.

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These appear in your DM (Direct messages) from friends, so you think that they are real – and after you click them to see what it is, it starts sending out DM’s to all of your friends, and before you know it people are telling you, that you got them hacked too.  Followers are likely to unfollow and blame you for this.

I must say that is so easy to get sucked into clicking these things, as they are from friends and we’d all like to make a fast buck, but there is one thing to remember, if it was legit would your friend DM  you a link about it, or would he just tell you.

Its the same old story – we’ve seen it before recently in the Is this blog about you scam  and Is this your in this photo and Someone said a bad thing about you – all designed to trick you into clicking the link.

You do see other similar blogs floating around twitter about making money from home which aren’t hacking into your account but they are still scams.  One has been around for years, the article that looks like a newspaper report about how this woman makes £££ from doing hardly anything.  These sort of get rich quick schemes, usually require you to either pay money up front and/or to scam other people into doing so.

So.. the rule is here – Be very careful what you click in your DM’s  if you are unsure about it but think oh that looks interesting, send a message to the person and ask, did you just send me this message.  9 times out of 10 they will say OH NO I’ve been hacked.

To fix this – Change your password – and tell your friends not to click any DM’s from you.

Hope this helps