Twitter Growth Hacking Tool

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Twitter Growth Hacking Tool What Twitter growth hacking tool is this I hear you ask – Well I recently told you about Jooicer the new Twitter tool which you can use to add some Jooice power to your twitter account and I just needed to update you.  Its still in Beta/Alpha unsure which but they are updating like crazy and we need to keep up!

Updates on Jooicer

The founders Bartolome and David Rodriguez have been implementing changes, changes that users have suggested or updates that they already had planned but not managed to find the time yet – Well, they found some time alright – I can’t believe how fast they work on this.

Multiple Accounts

This was a winner for me, I wanted this from the start, when I suggested it they said it was in the pipeline,  and it was quickly added.   You choose your primary account and you can add as many accounts as you wish.  So far I’ve only added two but I’m going to get going properly with it now.

Twitter Growth Hacking Tool

Live Roadmap

Now, this is genius, I love this – how to involve your users! .. David and Bart want their company to be totally transparent which if you know me, I LOVE this type of company – one that involves the users and gets right stuck in there with us. And part of that is Live Road Map – So that you can see what the guys are working on they have released a webpage showing all of the changes as they happen and also plans for the future, where you can go in and upvote features to speed the guys up on that specific feature. Awesome! Oh and I just noticed I’m actually mentioned on the Live Road Map!  They guys could do with some more coverage so if you have a blog, maybe you might test it out too, and review it on your site. Our start ups need us to help so that we can have great things!

Followers and Unfollowers

One of the first changes that they made to Jooicer when I last wrote about them was a graph on your profile that shows how many followers and unfollowers that you have had per day – now I’m not sure how accurate this is as I’m sure I don’t have that my unfollowers. haha!

Twitter Growth Hacking Tool


They also added some clearer instructions and buttons to the website – so that people can maneuver around easier.

Twitter Growth Hacking Tool

What I like about Jooicer is that you can add your own recipes as well as use other peoples – but that you can ask Jooicer to create or help you create a receipe that you really want – which could be anything at all!!  Also the more people that use it and add recipes the better it will be.

New Jooicer recipes on the block are 

Discover my influencers 

Unfollow inactive users. 

Since Twitcleaner left us I’ve been using Just unfollow to unfollow inactive users – because I know it will only allow me to unfollow a few at a time, because you know if you aggressively follow or unfollow you could find yourself with a twitter ban or suspension.

But in saying that with Jooicer you can specify how many to unfollow per day – or just use it as a list so that you can choose – I’ve not looked closely as this recipe to see if those changes can be made but you could still make your own to do that.

I’m testing a recipe right now that RTs when a certain keyword is mentioned, I believe you can do that with another platform, but that platform – tweets the link so everyone knows it came from there.

There is so much you can do with Jooicer and because its constantly being improved on and listening to its users and offering transparency I’m backing it all the way and I think you should too.