Twitter for Windows 10

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Twitter has been making some more updates for Twitter for Windows 10 recently

Twitter for Windows 10 on Desktop

Last year Twitter created Twitter for windows for people using Windows 10 on PCs and Tablets.  The Twitter app was redesigned especially for Windows 10, which if you haven’t tried, it is really cool.

If you don’t use something like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to manage multiple accounts this is actually the next best thing because if you do have more than one twitter account you can instantly switch between accounts like you do on a mobile, without having to log in and out again.  As it happens Tweetdeck for Windows is being shut down anyway in April but you can still use the web version via the Chrome extension.

With Windows 10 for desktop you can also see latest tweets by just looking at your start menu tiles depending on what account you were most recently logged into.  And recently Twitter have added the dark theme so now it looks really cool too.  If you have Twitter for Windows 10 just go to Settings and then Personalization to change to the dark theme.

Twitter fairydust

Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile

Talking of mobiles – Twitter has now launched Twitter for Windows 10 on Mobile.   Which also have the dark theme available – and they have really concentrated on how user interaction translates from desktops and tablets – they have greatly improved the UI and with things as Moments being changed to a full screen immersive experience.

Quote from Windows Blog.

With Twitter for Windows 10 on mobile, you can experience Moments and group Direct Messages; shoot, edit, and Tweet video using your camera; share a Tweet and add your own commentary with quote Tweet; it’s easier to follow conversations; and you can check out top Tweets without logging in.

Let us know if you have the new Twitter app for Windows 10 and what you think of it, as the reviews are vastly differently some people love it, some people hate it.