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Twitter are introducing Twitter Polls

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Twitter Polls Yesterday Twitter announced that they are introducing Twitter Polls.   In the coming days, they say that users will be able create polls on Twitter.

We don’t know if this is an experiment that Jack Dorsey has implemented as he seems to be making some waves over there but its said that there are a lot more experiments going on to improve our Twitter experience.

We aren’t sure if we want Twitter to change anymore we like it as it is, but as long as Twitter isn’t overrun with Twitter Polls we think this might be helpful and fun. We didn’t really get inundated with videos when they first started on Twitter, the only annoying thing was that they used to play but at least now you can stop Twitter videos auto playing.

Twitter Polls

Twitter Polls will be in a simple format similar to the old Facebook questions but with just two choices.

Its a great way to get your audience involved in any decisions, to find out what they are thinking or even what customers really want.  Another use might just be to have some fun and games.  It’s quick and easy,  just one click and the answers are all anonymous, so I think people will rather do that, than reply to a tweeted question, that they may not want everyone else to know the answer to.

Twitter Polls Twitter Polls








The Poll will only remain live for 24hours.

You should start seeing a Poll icon on iOS Android and on Twitter desktop soon.

We are pretty excited to have a go.

Edit – so we have started seeing a few polls now – and its not taken over our feeds yet.

How to create a Twitter Poll

Twitter Poll

Just click on Compose Tweet

At the bottom, you will see a new icon that says Poll

Type your Question – click poll and type your two answers.


And its done.