Twitter and the Big Bang

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If you use Twitter at all then I’m sure that you will have noticed all of the outages this week, 3 days of various “site availability issues” they say. 
We are unsure what that exactly means, apart from the various messages staring at us on the screen, which are mostly over capacity and/or the fail whale, which means…. Google time, or for some… Facebook.

What concerns me is that with Big Brother 11 #BB11 just starting on the box (the final one evidently) and also the World Cup, #WC2010 #worldcup  (with predicted extra tweeters)  that Twitter will not cope. 
Talking about coping… will I survive the tweets? haha! Many of the people I follow are BB fans and possibly half of them, football fans!  Hey ho,  they put up with my music weekly so I can’t complain can I?   Just kidding, free will, free tweets. I’m sure I’ll get involved in the chats, if Twitter still works that is.
Its inevitable that people will have more to say about both of these very popular items and that tweets will definitely increase during this time. With Tweets for and against both.   If Twitter can’t cope now with capacity how is it going to manage as from tomorrow? 
Or, just maybe is that that Twitter are sorting a fix before it blows up, like the big bang.