Twitter admit to sharing DMs with developers

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Wow, its seems in an attempt to scrap back some trust from its users –  Twitter ADMIT  to sharing DMs with developers. They are holding their hands up saying we messed up and we are sorry – kudos to them for that I guess.

I hate Twitter DMs there is always so much spam so the devs must have had so much to sort through – Twitter says – the DM’s were not used for anything, I’m not sure how they would know that.  Why didn’t anyone say – hey why am I getting these?  I thought that Twitter we going to sort out DMs before but they didn’t, maybe this was something to do with that?

Twitter bug, mistakenly shares DMs

Many people logged to to Twitter today to be confronted with this message.

On Monday, September 10, we identified a bug that may have sent one or more of your Direct Messages or protected Tweets (if your account was protected at the time) to Twitter developers who were not authorized to received them,” read the message. “The issue has persisted since May 2017, but we resolved it immediately upon discovering it.

Twitter admit to sharing DMs with developers

Twitter admit to sharing DMs with developers

On the Twitter blog, Twitter explains that they discovered a bug in our Account Activity API (AAAPI). This API allows registered developers to build tools to better support businesses and their communications with customers on Twitter. If you interacted with an account or business on Twitter that relied on a developer using the AAAPI to provide their services, the bug may have caused some of these interactions to be unintentionally sent to another registered developer. In some cases this may have included certain Direct Messages or protected Tweets, for example a Direct Message with an airline that had authorized an AAAPI developer. Similarly, if your business authorized a developer using the AAAPI to access your account, the bug may have impacted your activity data in error.

They said this has been going on since 2017 until September 10, 2018, and that the bug affected less than 1% of people on Twitter – which doesn’t sound like much but its

2 million 600 thousand – Almost 3 million people have had their DMs go somewhere else! 

They said if you are affected you will be contacted, via this pop-up

Twitter have now contacted their developer partners and are working with them to ensure that they are complying with their obligations to delete information they should not have.

The investigation is ongoing.

This is a big blow for Twitter who have been trying to up their game for some months. I for one am impressed that they have actually told everyone about this. They have done this through transparency and to hope to keep your/our trust – they actually didn’t have to tell us.  But people are really unhappy.

However, the Twitter DM Scandal isn’t as bad as you think

So this could be bad if you have shared personal information with businesses, like bank details – passwords, addresses ….

I can’t even remember but I have contacted customer service on Virgin Media 100 times.