is Twitch a social network

Is Twitch a Social Network

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Is Twitch a social networkPeople are asking what is Twitch, is a social network?  To find out the answer to this first we need to know what is social networking and what are social networks for.

What is Social Networking

A social network service enables users to find like-minded individuals or people with the same interests to connect with. So a social network is basically that community or social relations. We use social networks to interact with others, we follow them, connect with them, share content with them. In short a social network is a community of people finding and communicating with each other, to be social within a network or on a platform.


So, is Twitch a social network

With the above meaning, to me, yes Twitch is a definitely social network.  Although Twitch is referred to as a broadcast media platform because Twitch is all about live streaming.  Some would say that it’s not classed as a social network.  Live streaming could actually be the next big thing in social media, its growing fast – With Social media, its all about connecting with your community and Twitch also has a community, a huge community of gamers and developers which has over 60 million views per month. And at just three years old, that is amazing.

On Twitch you can follow and connect with users, send messages and chat live to them while users are streaming.  The Twitch community is very friendly, and usually, friendships leak out of Twitch and on to other networks, of course, many of the streams are recorded and saved on Twitch and or saved to YouTube, plus more and more users of Twitch are making use of Twitter.

is Twitch a social network

Whats so special about Twitch

If you have anything at all to do with the Gaming world you should be on Twitch. Its big now, and its going to get bigger, its the future.

Let me tell you this much – it’s not about watching kids gaming.

On Twitch streamers…

  • Are usually very skilled gamers
  • Promote your games by showing other users how cool they are
  • Show you the newest games before you might see them in action elsewhere
  • Create competitions and giveaways – where you can get in-game codes or codes to try out games for FREE
  • Raise money for charities whilst streaming
  • Chat with you, while they are streaming, you aren’t just watching, you are involved
  • Create how-tos and tutorials on new and old games, where you can ask questions on parts you are stuck
  • Are very helpful and will generally take time to answer any questions you might have and go out of their way to help you
  • and Twitch features the biggest events in gaming


Is Twitch a social network

Who owns Twitch

The acquisition was closed on September 25, 2014. Twitch is now operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of, with Emmett Shear remaining as CEO.

So, now you can see why Amazon would like to, and has acquired Twitch – hopefully, there won’t be too many changes – TechRadar spoke to Twitch recently to alleviate any fears about Twitch being bought by Amazon 

Twitch is great fun, or can be very serious or helpful it depends on what you want out of it.

However, if you want to get involved with the biggest community of gamers then this is a very fast and easy way to do it.  If you need help with this, please let me know.

If any steamers have anything they can add to this or think I’ve got it wrong, please let me know below and I will add or correct anything.


UPDATE: December 2017 – Twitch has now added – Many more channels, it’s not all about gaming anymore but about creatives, about real-life, cosplay, people are doing chat shows, drawing, music shows, requests.  I think Facebook is still falling behind on Twitch.  Twitch have also added recently a mobile app and extensions which creates new ways to interact.