Turkguvenligi hacks The Register, Telegraph and UPS !

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There has been a DNS Hacking causing visitors to The register to see a red and black page with the name TurkGuvenligi and underneath it says Hacked.

Now reports are coming in on Twitter that the Telegraph and UPS have become victims of the same group.
People are being warned not to sign in to these sites even if they do see the page as normal for at least 24 hours.
Alex Norcliffe on twitter says this
Turkguvenligi said on Twitter that he/they will not take any questions unless in Turkish So Charles Arthur tweeted this.
 DNS saldırı kimler hedef? Netnames veya ASCIO?Ve neden?
Google translate –  Who are the target DNS attack? Netnames or ASCIO? And why?
Milyon Dolarlar – Millions of dollars ??

A few more questions went unanswered and then  Charles was told to email any questions in English, this is enough.

Michael Brunton-Spall @Brunton-spall has said that also hit were lso Betfair, NationalGeographic, Vodafone and Acer.com

The sites themselves were not hacked but the Domain Name Server  (DNS) hacking is a creating redirection to Turkguvenligi’s site.

Hope this helps