Tumblr says published Child Pornography had missed filters

Tumblr says published Child Pornography had missed filters

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Tumblr the microblogging social networking site has been around for many years. It was founded in 2007  and its been noted before that it has a large amount of pornographic content on it.  But Child Pornography? Just not on!  Tumblr says published Child Pornography had missed filters. Slipped through they say.  Which is why you won’t see the Tumblr app on the App Store because it has been banned.   Why its still up is beyond me, they are fixing it they say.

Tumblr says published Child Pornography had missed filters

It wasn’t that long ago (Sept2018)  when the microblogging site Tumblr stated that it has new guidelines to address the site being used for Deepfake porn and Creepshots.  Which I’m not looking at to see if these new rules have worked but if you google deepfake and Tumblr there are pages with those names.  Of course, I do not want to click on those either but I wonder if they have cleaned that up too.

Tumblr posted a statement on their policy with regard to Deepfake and Creepshots

Harassment. Don’t engage in targeted abuse or harassment. Don’t engage in the unwanted sexualization or sexual harassment of others.

Posting sexually explicit photos of people without their consent was never allowed on Tumblr, but with the invention of deepfakes and the proliferation of non-consensual creepshots, we are updating our Community Guidelines to more clearly address new technologies that can be used to humiliate and threaten other people.

So right now Tumblr doesn’t seem a very nice place to be… but they are trying to clear it up… more on that in a second.

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What is Tumblr

tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007 and owned by Oath Inc.

With Tumblr, you can post multimedia and other content as a short-form blog. I’ve always likened it to a cross between a blog site like WordPress and Twitter.   You can follow blogs like you would on Twitter and you can also make your blogs private.  Tumblr soon became a place for images, artwork, and photography amongst other things.

The Microblogging platform has 417.1 million blogs on its site and over 500 million monthly visitors so it’s not small fry. 

Tumblr knows that it’s not very clean at times and it likes to allow free speech and expression. So it covers this by now allowing you to join unless you are Over 16 – and until you are 18 you can only look at Tumblr in SafeMode which stops you seeing over 18 stuff.   I’m pretty sure the kids can get past that but at least those safeguards are there.  And to be fair unlike video site YOUTUBE and other networks you do have to be logged in to see anything on Tumblr you can’t just watch it from the outside.

Tumblr says published Child Pornography had missed filters

However, Child Pornography is another matter …… Missed filers! How on earth did they allow this stuff to be published? How long has it been going on?  Too many questions and no answers! The BBC said that Tumblr discovered indecent images of children during a routine audit.

In this case, it said, the images being uploaded were not in the industry database so its filters did not catch them. However, it said, the illegal content was discovered during a routine audit.

I seriously find it hard to believe that no one on the site had flagged it – reported it – no one…

But it didn’t work?  ….. I don’t get it…

I’m not really happy that we haven’t been given more information on this, no tweets hardly anything on Tumblr’s pages.

Child Trafficking

This is such a huge mistake, its not just pictures, its the backstory – where and how did these pictures come about and why – because they have a platform…

Most likely from Child Trafficking,  People like Stopchildtraffic are working so hard to address the problem of Child Trafficking and its tough work, the numbers are so bad – and well we need to be more vigilant than that Tumblr!

We can not stand by and do nothing while 10 million children suffer the abhorrent injustice of being trafficked – many of whom will be sex trafficked. 

Quote from StopChildTraffic

Accounts Migrating to Twitter

Another bad thing is that Tumblr is clearly cleaning house. And not just of child pornography sites I assume because everyone is going on Twitter in droves to complain.  They are complaining that they have lost their accounts on Tumblr.  Saying pretty nasty things about Tumblr when it appears that they were breaking the rules? And so now Twitter is going to have a hard time now clearing up after Tumblrs mess.


Another account said that it had been banned from Tumblr and he was posting seriously graphic anime porn all over Twitter.  Even I was offended and it takes much to offend me. Twitter really has no filters unless the account is private.  And if it’s a private account you can view from outside twitter with no account and its searchable on Google –  easily searched!

Paddock Missing on Android Phones

And the mess doesn’t stop there. We are now seeing tweets saying the lock/padlock icon that appeared on the top right of the search screen has gone.  This allows you to turn on/off NSFW results, and its been removed!

The Tumblr site should be taken down while they are fixing this! It’s utterly disgusting that they are fixing it while the site is still live…

Tumblr says Child Pornography had bypassed filters. There really needs to be much more done about this if we are ever going to get anywhere in saving our children and stopping this madness.