Triberr no longer supports automatic tweeting!

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What is Triberr?

The basics

Triberr was created by  Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo.

Groups of bloggers create “tribes” where each of them can share each others posts on Twitter.   This used to be Automatic – you would just join a tribe, and every time you published a new post it would go to Triberr and everyone in your tribe would automatically tweet it to their own followers thus creating a larger audience for your website or blog.

You could have your account on a manual setting – I know some people did – I used my account as manual – not because I didn’t trust the other members of the tribe – I am in in a very close-nit group of great bloggers who can be trusted to post informative, interesting and positive content, however I would log in to Triberr most days and read the blogs that I was sending out and maybe comment or share them to other networking sites.

I did this because…

A) I had the time, where as others don’t

B) I want to know what is going through my twitter account is relevant to me

C) I would like the content that I tweet to create engagement, how can I do that if I don’t know what I am posting out.

You do not HAVE to send out everything that goes through your tribe, although if you are in the correct tribe, it should all be relevant to your topics.

But…. Triberr no longer support automatic tweeting!

From the 1st of November – You HAVE to log into Triberr now to send out posts, it is no longer automatic. If you don’t, then posts will not be sent out. This has created a lot less content being shared on Twitter as the people that signed up because it was automatic don’t have the time to log in and share posts or maybe they still do not know.

Some have said this is a good thing as there is too much spam on twitter, which may be the reason for the change.

From Triberr – Automation has been disabled.

We disabled automation in order to comply with Twitters TOS. While Twitter still allows automation, they frown upon promotional tweets and content duplicated across accounts. Disabling automation was necessary to reduce the number low quality content, promotional content coming from Triberr. All members must manually approve posts for sending. More details here:

Multi-platform shares on Triberr

There are new features that are great – at a click of a button you can now share the content on Facebook, Stumbleupon and Linkedin and +1 the post as well as tweet it.

This is fantastic as you can now get even more exposure to your website or blog if Triberr is used correctly, which I believe is to create engagement for you as well as more views for your tribesmen. Its a win, win situation.

If you are thinking of joining Triberr just make sure that you join a tribe with your same interests.  Say for instance, a fashion blogger would not join a tribe of mobile bloggers. For the simple reason that their followers would not be interested in  your content.

  • So, if you are a member of Triberr, are you going in each day to share your other tribe users posts?
  • Have you left Triberr because of the changes?
  • What are your thoughts on Triberr in general.
Hope this helps.