Trendy New Emoticons for Facebook Chat!

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For those of you who use Windows Messenger (MSN) Yahoo or other instant messenger clients, you would be used to using the animated or exciting emoticons//smilies/little pictures that they provide. I feel they are fun and amusing to use when chatting with friends. Also sometimes you may want to just to reply with a dazzling smile or a cheeky wink.

On Facebook chat you can’t do this – they are just plain and its boring. Or can you?

Emoinstaller by Athena IT Ltd

Emoinstaller is a new windows application that allows you to easily express your emotions through pictures using Facebook emoticons and its free!

This tool allows you to choose from hundreds of brilliant emoticons (including animated ones) and add them to your Facebook messages. Its compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. What’s more, you can choose whether to add it to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Its so easy to install too…

You click here for the download – Facebook emoticons 

Just click next on the pop up box – accept, choose your browser and next again and after a restart of your browser its done.

Next time you open Facebook you will see a little monkey icon called EMO, in your chat window, click him to choose from pages of topical icons, large and small.

“Emo has been designed to represent that Emoinstaller is a fun, simple and personality expressing Facebook application.”
Quote – Operations Director, Henrik Larsson.

If you already use Chitchat, these superb emotions will be in addition to the exciting ones you are already using.  

Emo installer only launched at the end of February is a great find, its costs nothing, is easy to install and immediately enhances your Facebook chat experience.

Get it before your friends do 🙂