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Transfer books from Amazon Kindle to Kindle Fire HDX

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KindleThe Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet is one of the latest Amazon Fire tablets boasting a perfect-colour HDX display and a fast 2.2Ghz quad-core processor for console-quality graphics. Storage on this kiddy is either 16GB or 32GB however, you get unlimited Cloud storage for all of your amazon content.   Talking of Amazon content, we suspect if you buy a Kindle HDX you will still want to read your ebooks on your new Kindle.  We found it difficult to Transfer books from Amazon Kindle to Kindle Fire HDX as it wasn’t as easy or the same as transferring from one Kindle to another.

The Kindle Fire HDX doesn’t come with any instructions in the box as such but it does have a special MAYDAY button which allows on-device tech support which a free.  There is also a help function on the device but this was explaining to us how to transfer the books one by one, and with hundreds of books this wasn’t an option. So, with a bit of trial and error  we found a quick way to transfer files to a Kindle fire HDX

Moving eBooks to New Kindle

First you need to plug in both of your Kindles to your PC and when the Autoplay box comes up click “Open folder to view files”  autoplay


If the auto play doesn’t pop up then you need to open windows explorer and click on the Kindle to view the Internal Storage – Double click the Internal Storage to view the folders inside.
Transfer books from Amazon Kindle to Kindle Fire HDX

In your original Kindle you will find many less folders than in the new Kindle and this is where things are different.  I’m not sure if it is the same for the Kindle Fire HD or even the 8.9 but I would assume so.  For the Kindle fire your books are in the Documents file folder but you need to place them now in the new Kindle Fire HDX Books file folder – NOT in the documents folder. 

Its Simple to Transfer books from Amazon Kindle to Kindle Fire HDX

1 – Open your Kindle Documents folder and copy the contents of the folder by using the – cut, copy paste function.  Do not just copy the complete folder but the contents in the folder.

2 – Open your Kindle Fire HDX Books folder and paste the content of the folder on to a blank space – making sure that you haven’t clicked a folder by mistake.

A box will pop up telling you how long it will take to transfer the items, this usually is much much quick than you are told, and the box disappears when done.  However, please leave your both of your Kindles connected for about another 10mins or so until you see the books in your new Kindle as we found it took a while for the Kindle to show some types of files and or folders.  Maybe just us, but I wouldn’t disconnect, just to be safe.

We could not find any instructions on how to bulk Transfer books from Amazon Kindle to Kindle Fire HDX . This might not be the only solution but we found it quickly and easily and done in a few minutes. I hope this helps someone trying to do this as there is nothing worse getting something for Christmas and having to wait to sort out problems.