Top Geek Films

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Top Geek Films 

Due to the rubbish that they drone out of the TV day after day I tend not to bother much with TV and prefer to watch a few DVD’s a week, its a pleasant way to chill away from the PC. 

I like to watch comedies or what I have found out to be Geek type films. And even though I mentioned before that I believe myself to be a bit of a Geek, I do not like the particular style sci-fi films such as Star Wars and Star Trek, I like sci-fi to contain either, imaginary elements that are largely plausible or clearly not possible, like Monsters Inc  – not somewhere in-between,  I am not too keen on monsters on other planets. (I feel your eyes burning into me already! Sorry, I just don’t like them, oh – or James Bond!)

Anyway,  this all started as a conversation on Twitter recently (like it does) about Geek films and we were sharing our favourites and other tweeters mentioned movies that I’d never seen, forgotten to watch or not realised I’d enjoy, which I will be catching up on shortly.

Here are a few of my best films – I understand that there are probably loads I’ve missed but these spring to mind first – By the way, they are not in any particular order but of course Keanu Reeves has to be up the top there with

Others of my favourites are…

Several people may not categorise some of these as so called “Geek films” but I think you’ll find most Geeks have seen them, even the ones targeted for kids, which are usually great!

It also stands out that most of the films I’ve listed are ancient –  so folks its clear,  I need some new films to watch.

Following our discussion on twitter I realised there are almost certainly masses of great movies that I haven’t seen like, these ones that were mentioned….

Therefore I am left wondering what else have I missed? Do you have any suggestions for me?  Or what are your favourites?