Tom And Jerry Trending! (Possible reason) Updated.

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Tom and Jerry are trending today on Twitter which inspired me to do a little drawing of them, I’m sure, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer,  William Hanna and Joseph Barbera the creators wouldn’t mind as it is more of a tribute to them than anything else.

More about Tom and Jerry here on Wikipedia

The reason Tom and Jerry are trending is beyond me, I cannot find any reason that it would trend today, everyone is just commenting on how they used to love the cartoon, and some are just asking why it is trending so this is keeping it there.

If anyone knows the reason why Tom & Jerry are a Top Trend today, I would love for you to let us know here.

This  reason that Tom and Jerry were first mentioned and now Trending.  There is a live musical show going on in Buenos Aires.

Tom and Jerry Live!

Tom and Jerry go to the theater for the first time ever in the world premiere of the official show. The cat and mouse most beloved of all time scenarios land in Argentina, Chile and Peru during 2011 in a stage version full of magic and songs, with the most classic and memorable moments of the famous cartoon. The premiere will be Saturday May 21 at the Teatro Lola Membrives of Buenos Aires.

The great milestones of our dear friends, those who did deserve the Oscar, and they did laugh several generations will live enshrined for the first time.

Live performances combined with interactive projections on a giant screen, plus other innovative scenic resources, our young viewers will experience the sensation of being immersed in the wonderful world of cartoons.

The hope to live this great adventure!

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Hope you enjoyed my illustration.